1 pair of gorgeous fuzzy Turquoise Teal faux fur car seatbelt pads furry and fluffy

£ 8.50

These Turquoise fuzzy seatbelt pads are such a gorgeous colour

We have handmade them from this adorable Turquoise faux fur fabric, and padded them out to give you extra comfort. and help prevent seatbelt belts from rubbing or cutting into your neck ! plus they have handy Velcro fastenings, for easy fitting and removal.

This set comes as a pair so one pad for you and if your feeling generous you can share the other with a passenger, or use both yourself especially if you have harness style seatbelts

Measuring approx 10 inches (26cm) in length, although different sizes can be made

And don't just stop at the seatbelt pads , we also have matching accessories available too such as this

Turquoise Fuzzy Steering wheel cover