Plain Fabric Seatbelt Pads

If your fed up with your seatbelt rubbing or cutting into your neck when your in the car, then you need to get yourself some seatbelt pads.

In this collection you will find the plain fabric seatbelt pads, you can choose from funky faux fur, soft fleece or cute cotton fabrics, you will be spoilt for choice, as we have lots of colours to pick from, such as Barbie Pink, Royal Blue, and Tangerine Orange, they are all padded up to ensure extra comfort, and have Velcro fastenings for easy fitting.

They come as a pair, so if your feeling generous you can share one with a passenger, or use them both yourself especially if you have harness style seatbelts.

And If you cannot see a particular colour you would like then just shout, and we will see what we can get for you :)