POSCA 60 piece pen carry case

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The Posca Pen carry case is the ideal creative companion. This case gives artists and crafters a comprehensive choice of pens in 33 different colours in a range of tones and four marker sizes, offering an essential paint marker collection for every artistic style. 

With 60 POSCA pens in four fab nib sizes

Here’s a break down of each pen included in the POSCA 60 pen case ….

PC-1M, 5 Pens: White, Black, Gold, Silver and Red.

PC-3M, 27 Pens: Black, White, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Violet, Orange, Light Green, Grey, Pink, Ivory, Light Pink, Sky blue, Apple Green, Lilac, Fuchsia, Dark Red, Navy Blue, Khaki Green and Dark Brown.

PC-5M, 16 Pens: Black, White , Gold, Silver, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Violet, Brown, Orange, Light Orange, Light Pink, Beige, Red Wine, Slate Grey, Sky Blue, Apple Green, Emerald Green, Coral Pink and Aqua Green.

PC-8K, 12 Pens: Black, White , Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Violet, Orange, Light Green and Grey.

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