Customer gallery

Poppys Crafts is thrilled to showcase the stunning photos of car accessories purchased by customers all across the globe. Our customers have shared their love for their purchases, and we love receiving their photos. We are so proud to have such satisfied customers and look forward to serving many more car enthusiasts.

We love receiving photos of your purchases, so if you would like to e.mail us a photo then please do so :)

Cow print fluffy steering wheel cover 

Check out this lovely customer from the UK who purchased one of our Fluffy black and white cow print steering wheel covers ! Mootastic ! :D

pink car accessories poppys crafts

This Lovely fairy in Australia, with her Barbie Pink fluffy steering wheel cover, Barbie Pink mirror cover, and a custom made seatbelt pad, which was approx. 1 metre long,

Please check out her website also for fabulous fairy parties in Australia Fairy Twinkletoes

Lime Green fuzzy monster steering wheel cover Dark Grey fuzzy monster steering wheel cover

These fuzzy monster steering wheel covers, are now in their forever home to keep our customer company in Slovakia

Fluffy pink steering wheel cover

This Lovely lady from the USA showing us how cute her new Barbie Pink steering wheel cover and matching seatbelts looks in her pretty car

Ems purple seatbelt pads

Thank you Ems, for sending us a photo of your new Purple Seatbelt pads ! :D

Lilac steering wheel cover in bug Lilac steering wheel cover in bug 2

One of our customers in the USA, sent us this photo of her Lilac fuzzy steering wheel cover with pink bow, in her VW Beetle, we think it looks gorgeous with her pink accessories

Baby pink monster steering wheel cover Baby Pink fuzzy monster steering wheel cover close up

 One our fab customers in Germany sent us this photo of her new Baby pink fuzzy monster steering wheel cover, who keeps her company on the way to work

Sully monster gear stick gaiter cover

Check out this customers new Spotty monster fluffy gear stick gaiter cover

Purple fluffy Gearknob cover

How cute does this customer's fluffy purple gear knob cover look in her car :)

 This dark grey fluffy steering wheel cover, looks fantastic in our customers car

turquoise car accessories customer car These Turquoise car accessories, definitely add some colour to our customer car

sams red monster steering wheel cover Check out Sam's cheeky red monster steering wheel cover in her Mini 

paw print customer steering wheel cover Our lovely dog lover customer Karen, and her fleece paw print steering wheel cover

customer orange tiger car accessories Wild thing ! The orange tiger fuzzy car accessories, look amazing in our customer's orange car

monster steering wheel cover customer fiat One of the fuzzy monster steering wheel covers now lives in this lovely lady's fiat in Italy 

pams beetle blue car accessories Pam's fabulous Royal Blue car accessories in her Volkswagen Beetle.

yellow fluffy beetle customer The yellow fluffy car accessories Look stunning in our customer's yellow Volkswagen Beetle

danielles pink car accessories customer fiat Danielle's Fiat looks so pretty in pink !