Fluffy Dark Grey Monster Car Steering wheel cover & fuzzy Dark Grey seatbelt pad set

£ 19.99

Dark Grey Monster fuzzy steering wheel cover with Dark Grey faux fur seatbelt pads

Make driving much more fun with this monstrously cute set of dark grey faux-fur steering wheel cover and seatbelt pads!

These furry accessories will brighten up your car and make sitting in traffic a little more bearable.

Steering wheel cover is handmade from shortpile faux fur fabric, elasticated and designed to fit a 14.5 " (37cm) steering wheel

With Googly eyes, felt teeth, and fuzzy ears

And 1 pair of Dark Grey seatbelt pads measure approx 10 inches (26cm) in length, padded for extra comfort and velcro fastening

matching accessories are also available.