The Steering Wheel Cover - Fuzzy, fleece and cotton Posted on 18 May 14:57

The Steering Wheel cover

An ideal accessory for your car, it helps prevent your steering wheel from getting too hot in the summer, so stops you from burning your hands.  
But also stops your steering wheel from getting too cold in the winter so helps stop those hands getting stuck to a frozen steering wheel !

Oven mitt / glove holding a steering wheel  (no more driving with oven gloves for you )

At Poppys Crafts our steering wheel covers are handmade from faux fur, fleece or cotton fabrics.  And we have many colours and prints to choose from.

Steering Wheel covers, are also great fun to put in your car when displaying your car at car shows.  Especially with one of our fuzzy monster steering wheel covers.

Orange fuzzy faux fur monster steering wheel cover with googly eyes Lilac monster fuzzy faux fur steering wheel cover with pink bow and googly eyes

Steering wheel covers are also great at protecting your cars steering wheel from the damaging rays of the sun, and will help prevent the rubber or leather fading.

Pink up your car with one of our Pink fluffy steering wheel covers

Barbie pink fluffy fuzzy steering wheel cover

Show off your Wild side with one of our leopard print steering wheel covers

Leopard animal print fuzzy faux fur fluffy steering wheel cover

Maybe you want to go for something not quite so noticeable ? We have got you covered. ;)

Black cotton steering wheel cover